WhatsApp Payments Via UPI

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) approved WhatsApp payments last week, allowing people make and receive payments via the app.
The messaging service app has designed the payments feature using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to enable transactions with over 160 supported banks.

To use the service, WhatsApp users must have an active bank account in India that supports UPI and debit card. The primary phone number linked with this bank account must match their WhatsApp-linked phone number.

Users need to add their bank account on WhatsApp by going to settings and then to payments to add a new account.
They can then select the name of the bank from the drop down list of banks, and then choose the bank account they want to make and receive payments via WhatsApp, and then click Done.
(Users need to use the latest version of WhatsApp for payments to work on their device. They can download it from the Google Play Store or visit whatsapp.com/download.)
To transfer funds, users have to open chat with the person they want to send money to, and tap on attachment icon and choose payment.
They need to verify their debit card information by entering the last 6 digits of their debit card number and expiration date, and tap done.
Users then need to create a UPI PIN, enter it under SETUP UPI PIN and tap Submit.
Once UPI Setup is complete, they can tap Done.
They can now open the chat with whom they would like to send money, tap attachment icon and click payment, enter amount and description for the payment, and click Send.
Once the payment is sent, the transaction details will be listed in the chat, including a transaction ID. Users may receive a confirmation SMS from their bank.
Users will not be able to send money if the recipient contact does not have WhatsApp payment enabled on their device.
They can send notifications to them to enable WhatsApp payments.
On WhatsApp chat, they need to tap the attachment icon and click payment. They can then click Notify to let the other person know about WhatsApp Payments.
The recipient can tap accept payment, select Accept and Continue to accept Payments Terms and Privacy Policy.
They can then select the bank from the list of banks and the bank account linked to their WhatsApp phone number and tap Done to receive payments.